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During summer months, massive Tarpon can be sight fished in shallow water using both fly and light tackle. 

Targeting 100+ lb. Tarpon in shallow water is truly a unique experience available in few places.  Capt. Scott Burgess will position anglers in a prime position to hook-up with these majestic monsters. Looking down from the casting platform, anglers have a ringside seat as a Tarpon inhales their artificial bait or fly. Fisherman looking for the ultimate test, a shallow water tarpon trip is for you. 

*Tarpon trips are full day only. 


A coveted inshore species, Redfish are known for their explosive eats and powerful drag-pulling runs. Glowing gold as they ambush bait in clear shallow water, anglers guided by Captain Scott Burgess have the opportunity to sight fish reds in the backcountry. On the right tide, anglers can also target tailing fish foraging on the flats. A truly once in a lifetime experience, anglers may have the opportunity to cast at large schools of redfish or pull on huge bull reds. 

Sight Fishing The Flats

Year round there's the opportunity to catch speckled trout, flounder, black drum, sheepshead, and redfish on the flats of the Forgotten Coast. Depending on time of year, triple tail and cobia can also be targeted. Call Capt. Scott Burgess to ask what's biting during your preferred dates. 850.544.0712.  

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